Livestock Guardian Dogs


The biggest threat to our sheep is predators. Here in east central Ohio our biggest concerns are coyotes, bobcats, fox and most of all black headed buzzards. Some folk use donkeys and others say lamas work for them. For us, nothing compares to guard dogs. They are hard workers That love to guard sheep. Their bark alone will keep predators away.

Our guard dogs are not pets. They do not come into the barn to sleep at night, rather, they are out in the field with the sheep year-round. They are responsible for keeping predators away from our sheep on 4,000+ acres 24/7/365.
We provide the dogs with a 50lb gravity dog feeder that gives them all the food they want. We keep them up to date on vaccines and give them flea and tick medicine. We also take the dogs lots of bones and meat scraps when we butcher our cattle. This keeps them friendly to us and makes it easy to catch them if we need to.
When we first got guardian dogs, we were worried they would be aggressive towards people and we certainly didn’t want them to bite a stranger. This has been no issue at all. Oftentimes we take our 10-month old son Harrison out in the field and the dogs come up and lick his face. This is extremely important to us. These guardian dogs are extremely intelligent, they know what is a threat and what is not. We have a lot of deer hunters that walk through our farm during deer season, the dogs will bark at them aggressively from a distance, but when they approach the strangers they realize they are not a threat and return to the sheep.