South Poll Cattle

Pregnancy Check Results


On November 20th, we had the vet out and pregnancy checked all of our cows. They were exposed to bulls for 90 days. The older cows did fairly well with a breed-back of 91.41%. We were pleased with this number.
In the past we have always had the largest percentage of our opens come from our second calf heifers. We started tracking the second calf heifers separate to see if we are making any improvements. Each year we have sold the ones that did not breed back. The last two years were rather low at 77% and 83%. This year we were pleasantly surprised when they vet repeatedly yelled pregnant when checking this year’s second calf heifers. We only had 4 heifers that did not breed back out of 68. That gave us a 94.12% pregnancy rate. This is the highest we have ever had. Clearly our management is working and we are making genetic improvements. 

Cows checked: 198
Cows pregnant: 181
Breed-back %: 91.41

Second Calf Heifers checked: 68
Second Calf Heifers pregnant: 64
Second Calf heifer breed-back %: 94.12

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