South Poll Cattle


We chose to raise South Poll Cattle because of the growing demand for the breed. They are known to be slick hided moderate framed cows with gentle disposition. Extreme emphasis is placed on high fertility and longevity. South poll cattle are some of the most efficient cattle in turning grass into high quality beef. With our strict breeding program, we are producing top notched genetics that will work for you.

Southpoll cattle are the perfect animals to work in the commodity markets and still have the ability to finish on grass.
Our ideal cow weighs 950-1150 lbs. Our heifers finish around 900 lbs. and steers finish around 1100 lbs.
In 2020, we had 190 calves born and did not pull a single calf. This includes calving 65 heifers. The birthweights of our calves falls between 60-70 lbs.