St. Croix Hair Sheep

Low Input

St. Croix hair sheep are the ultimate low input animal. You can put them in a field that would starve a cow and sheep find a way to thrive. The sheep do a great job controlling invasive species like Autumn Olive and Sericea Lespedeza. They also eat many of the forbs that cattle will not like golden rod, iron weed, multiflora rose, ragweed, Queen Anne’s lace, and the list goes on. They have been the perfect complimentary animal to our cattle.

“Well adapted hair sheep are the most profitable endeavor in agriculture today” -Hopping Brothers Livestock, Oklahoma
St. Croix sheep have the highest parasite resistance of any breed. Parasite resistance is the single biggest thing we select for when looking for future genetics to keep in the flock.
Our sheep came from Greg Judy out of central Missouri, he has not wormed his sheep in over 20 years. Greg has put in the hard work to build the ultimate low input parasite resistant flock. We have been fortunate enough to buy our sheep from him and we will continue to select for parasite resistance. We DO NOT worm our sheep.